Sunday, May 30


Tsis animation use all technique as I know, but not finish yet. @2010

A fight scene of blue and red robot in factory. @2009

My first 3D-animation to test action scene of robot in fight at underground city. @2008

Flash animation use motion tween to animated them. @2007

Gray wolf : speed painting vdo click

Pug : my pet name Bright.

SD+ : A remake model of "Sin-avatar" have more polygon and detail.

Sin-Avatar : model to use character scale of "Dragonica online".

Barbarus : The monster who live in Ignis Vallis.

ARC-4800 : The Robots guardian of ancient fortress.

SD-6 : A robot zombie in Factory animation. He have green eye in normal conditions.

RAF-3800 : The paladin robot use big sword to take he's enemy down get more detail + high shape than v.1

RAF-3800(V.1) : Get inspiration to design from Knight or warrior.

RSX-3800 : The robots are designed to model the VespaRider as a original. And references to other components of Ninja.

VESPAR RIDER: robots are the first models that I made when studying the Maya program.

A Exhibition of wacom production get idea of a tree this booth design to set to center of hall.

The Booth to show portfolio of faculty of fine and applied art in khon kean university.